Organizacja imprez w przestrzeniach PKiN

Organizacja imprez w przestrzeniach PKiN

Halls and rooms


This hall is the first halls named in the Palace. It has become Memorial to Eng. Lew Rudniew- the Palace designer.

Non-typical interior decoration and its fittings make this hall far incomparable to any other in the Polish venues. This elliptic hall offers 100 smart, comfortable armchairs set into three amphitheatre rows proceeded by table-benches. The armchair hand made reliefs make them even more admirable. The decoration of the presiding table is made in the same way. Unique tapestries, rows of columns and crystal chandeliers give much of individual and inimitable ambience to this hall, the ambience unavailable at the typical hotel conference hall.

The hall is equipped with interpreting facilities in 4 languages, a modern sound and recording appliance and a wireless internet access.

Full format screen and projections from any kind of conveying platform are available there together with a system of lifting slings (maps, flip charts etc.).

Assisting halls suitable for the task teams to run their works or for the lecturer to relax there are also at the disposal of the guests and organizers.

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