Parking PKiN

Parking PKiN

Parking location

The parking facilities surround entire PKiN for passenger cars. There are also dedicated sites that can fit tens of buses and coaches. The parking facilities are under surveillance but not guarded, and open 24h a day (including Sundays and holidays). There are 4 automated cash points on all PKiN sides and one inside the lobby.


Regulamin korzystania z Parkingu PKiN Szczegółowy cennik biletów parkingowych i opłat abonamentowych obowiązujący od 1 września 2020 roku


Entry gates:

Three accessibles from Emilii Plater Street (one near Jerozolimskie Street/Museum of Technology; the second near the Congress Hall; and the third near Świętokrzyska Street on the PKiN side dedicated to children) and one from Marszłkowska Street. Gates can be opened by picking up the parking ticket or inserting a proximity subscriber card.



One leaving toward Marszałkowska Street (next to the historic pedestal for open-air speeches) and five towards Emilii Plater Street (two next to the Museum of Technology near Jerozolimskie Street; one next to the Congress Hall, and two near the swimming pool by  Świętokrzyska Street).


4 automatic cash points:

Two on the side of Emilii Plater Street (one on the street leaving from the Congress Hall towards the Museum of Technology; one on the street leaving from the Congress Hall towards the swimming pool) and one by the exit road towards Marszałkowska Street (in front of the main entrance). There is also one cash point inside PKiN lobby. The one by the PKiN lobby is labelled and marked as wheelchair accessible. The exit gates can be opened by inserting a parking ticket (paid) or a valid subscriber card.




The Parking Technical Support Office can change money. Also, it offers periodic subscriber cards. Fees are charged based on the pricelist which features a full and a reduced tariff.

Reduced tariff is available for:  Individuals and companies which rent offices and other commercial facilities on terrains managed by the Company as well as city contractors who are engaged by ZPKIN sp. z o.o. (only during their engagement).

Reduced prices:

  • a) passenger cars per month: 250 PLN.
  • b) trucks, buses and coaches per month: 600 PLN.

Full price purchases are available for all individuals and companies.

Standard fees:

  • a) passenger cars per month: 500 PLN;
  • b) trucks, buses and coaches per month: 1200.
  • Passenger transport providers can purchase special bus/coach stop&go tickets (1 line per one month) for 1800 PLN.
  • If lost, general parking cards and tickets are subject to 120 PLN.
  • Lost subscription cards are subject to 180 PLN.

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