Organizacja imprez w przestrzeniach PKiN

Organizacja imprez w przestrzeniach PKiN

Halls and rooms


Having its board meetings arranged in this hall for years the City Council has guaranteed the special role for this place. It is here where Presidents of the Capital City have been elected successively. This is the place where coalitions of the Capital have been formed.

The decisions on directions of the Capital City development have also been made here.

Warsaw Hall is a kind of the Congress Hall miniature. There are similar facilities to those which can be found at the Congress Hall like interpreting equipment (interpreting may be held simultaneously in 4 languages). This hall is capable of accommodating 320 people.

Its assisting area includes 3 lounges with their relaxation and conference facilities.

There is an independent entrance to Warsaw Hall which can also be entered from the main corridor of the Palace.

The hall temporarily unavailable.

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