Organizacja imprez w przestrzeniach PKiN

Organizacja imprez w przestrzeniach PKiN

Halls and rooms


Marble Hall These are the biggest twin halls at the Palace with 1150m2 area each. Marble walls and mosaic floors create unique ambience alluding to – as its designer originally intended – late Renaissance castles. Ceilings decorated by caissons and supported by two rows of even sided columns.

The Halls have a special cargo lift which makes exhibition assembly available from the side of the internal yard.

You can enter the halls either from the Marszałkowska Streetside (across the main corridor of the Palace) or form the Emilii Plater side (across the Couloirs of the Congress Hall). “Marmurowa” Hall can be joined with “Mikołajska” Hall. The Latter except for its modest decoration has a unique quality belonging to such unimpressive premises which consists in huge windows covering the whole area between the floor and the ceiling. Thus it makes an ideal place for banquets and exhibitions.

The “Marmurowa” and ‘Ratuszowa” Halls are mainly used for trade fairs. Exclusive balls, fashion shows and considerable artisitic events take place there as well.

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