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The general-admission contracting was finalized and the contractor was selected to perform the window replacement/refurbishment project. There will be 710 windows replaced and 162 refurbished The project includes windows in PKiN high parts and will require supervision by the Historic Preservation Office. Both the new windows and the ones to be refurbished are made of oak. Another enhancements which users will certainly notice will be the window titling option which is now required for safety reasons. Also, the windows will feature sun-absorbing glass to prevent excessive temperatures inside the facilities that used to be an inconvenience before.

In addition to the windows the project also includes replacement and refurbishment of window sills, both inside and outside.

The investment is a Design&Build project and requires a custom and tailored approach to details, especially considering different dimensions of the windows (10 types), different types of structural material and the wide scope of ancillary works in such a historic building as PKiN.

The winning contractor needs to face designing and production of new windows, but also disassembly of old windows and putting new ones in their place. The contractor will also need to restore and repair existing windows as well as apply finishing works in the project facilities. The entire investment will be carried out in line with instructions of the Historic Preservation Office and under its supervision. Certainly, another obstacle will be the high altitude at which works need to be performed while the building remains in standard operation.

The project, including the design stage, will last around 6 years. The window replacement/refurbishment applies to floors 1 to 30.

The entire project is financed using the city budget.