Latest changes


September 2016 saw the end of another upgrade project which included replacement of disabled access lifts at the main entry and the stair lift in the lobby.

Main entry lift for the disabled

The older device was replaced with a modern fully-automated system which features doors that open when a user presses an assistance button. Also, when moving between two levels the user does not need to continue pressing the button as had been the case before – now there are buttons corresponding to the respective floors. Compared to the previous solution, the new lift system is much safer because it features a fully-glazed cabin and a covered shaft. The carrying capacity has been improved to 600 kg (previously 300 kg) and the platform is larger, as well: 108x138 cm (previously 100x135 cm). The new lift also features an audible information system and signs for the blind.



 Stair lift in the lobby

Since 1998 there have been two wheelchair/disabled access lifts moving up and down the stairs, one in the bottom and the other in the middle level of the lobby. They were replaced with a single moving platform that moves up and down in a non-linear way. Thanks to such solution a disabled person can travel the entire way without switching lifts between the cloakroom level and the upper level (Marble Hall).

The new lift is much bigger, as well. Now its dimensions are 120x100 cm, while the previous system was 85x70 cm.  In addition, there is a folding chair fixed to the side. The chair can support up to 300 kg and is another improvement on previous 190 kg.  The guides of the lifting system can be used as handrails when walking the stairs.

The stair lift requires assistance from the PKiN security guards who are available at the site.



Freight elevator in the inner courtyard

The freight elevators in the inner courtyard will be refurbished and upgraded by the end of August 2016. The new system will be equipped with automatic door and other safety features that are standard requirements today. Previously, the door had to be operated manually. The automated door demands small dimensions of the new cabin (narrower by 35 cm). In addition, the elevator will also feature the latest steering module, smooth approach to stop and enhanced capacity up to 2,000 kg (previously 1,600 kg).