Latest changes


The swimming pool enhancement project has been completed. The swimming pool is located in the PKiN section dedicated to children and teenagers. The pool was upgraded to the latest standards and technical requirements. Overall user quality, technical systems and fire safety conditions were enhanced.




Since 2007 PKiN has been a registered monument and all repair&upgrade works require supervision by the Historic Preservation Office which ensures that PKiN historic features are preserved. The original colours of the ceramic tiles were maintained in locker rooms and bathrooms.



In addition to the brand new technical features and facilities, children and teenagers using the swimming pool will certainly notice the changed direction of water flow in the pool (side grates were replaced with surface-mounted channels). Thanks to this single change, the level of water was brought up to the level of the floor, but trampolines and jumping platforms had to be raised by another 22 cm.

Also, a complete light system and diffusion mirrors were installed to illuminate the water and its surface better. The water filtering system and air exchange system are also new. Environment-friendly solutions were applied that recover energy from technical systems and use it to heat water. It translates to lower consumption of non-renewable sources.



Now, physically challenged people can also use the swimming pool thanks to an independent lift, a stair lift and a dedicated in-water lift for the physically challenged. 



The upgrade works took 20 months and it has been the first such comprehensive alteration of the facility in PKiN history.  The overall cost to improve the swimming pool area was almost PLN 13 million/EUR 2.9 million. The project was financed entirely thanks to the city budget.