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30 marca 2018

Warsaw photo marathon - What is that?

• The event being organized in many cities of the world, present in Europe, Asia and America.
• First of all it is a lot of fun but also creative competition promoting the city, its culture and a lifestyle of its citizens
• Photomaraton is a great opportunity to spend really good time with family and friends.
It is not only about running – then what?
Everyone who will take a part in this challenge is expected to do 12 photos in 12 hours, which is on one hand phisycal excersise to meet time deadline, and on the other reflection of your creativity, calm and vision when creating 12 breathtaking pictures. The topics for 12 photos will be given to participants during the day of the event. The most important is to have a your own interpretation of the topic, to make a picture of a good quality, since it will be reviewed by a Jury of Proffesionalists and reworded with great prices.
For whom it is adressed?
If you are passionate photgrapher you are wellcomed to join regardless if you are professional or amator. The list of the participants will be limited, therefore follow our page to get information when and how to register.

Regulations of the "Warsaw Marathon" Competition