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Fascinating World of Spiders and Scorpions

11 września 2017

After spectacular success in the natural museums in whole Europe, the exhibition "Fascinating World of Spiders and Scorpions" has arrived to the Palace of Culture and Science.

Among more than 40 living exhibits, you can see the most venomous spider- black widow (Latrodectus mactans), the largest scorpion- Pandinus imperator and the biggest world's tarantulas.
Closed glass terrariums ensure safety and enable visitors to photograph and film the specimen from about 5-10cm.

Thansk to detailed information boards visitors can learn more about those creatures and the important role they play in the world of nature.

The exposition has been enriched with a collection of inclusions, coins and postcards. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to confront with reality the current and false opinions about those beautiful and beneficial animals.

Terms of feeding and possibility to hold a spider on a hand are posted on the website of the Place of Culture and Science and on our facebook page:

he exhibition is open daily 10:00- 19:00 in the Reception Room of the Palace of Culture and Science  (main entrance from Marszałkowska street side).
The organiser of the exhibition is ARANEUS company.


Tickets prizes:
Normal ticket - 18 zł
Reduced ticket - 12 zł

Group ticket - 8 zł
Family ticket - 50 zł